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Where is she now?

You all know there is this one horse that I am a bit more sensitive with. I miss her a lot and I am thinking of her often as she was my best friend and my companion when my journey abroad started 4 years ago. I am talking about Beautiful Mind Jp.

She is now competing in Germany with her owner Lisa and so far they have a great connection with really good results!

Moreover, they made it to be placed 1st so far in M level and they aim to compete the finals on the 25th of June with riders from all over Germany!!!

Fingers crossed for this couple <3

I simply love every picture of her I receive! And I am extremely happy I was able to find her such a nice home , where she can improve but also stay happy.

My only ever complain is that I do not get the chance to see her as I am 4h drive away with a heavy and busy schedule . Though I really hope and wish I will get the chance to see her soon.

Well done Lisa,I am proud of you and I am happy you took the reins of my princess!!!

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