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-Panhellenic Championship 2023-

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The last show of the year came to an end with great results and happy faces. I had two students accompanied and I was competing other two horses myself. Friday was the first day that started with A3 Children Preliminary Class for us. Angeliki Deligianni won a silver medal with 67,26% and Maria Vardaki with Sky so Lucky was 4th getting 66,13%. It was their first ever championship to participate, therefore started great for them and continued even better the second day by winning the class A4 with 68,170% ! In this class Angeliki was 5th with 64,42% with a very well performed test and 3rd with 66,45% in her favourite,as she says test,B7. The last day was class A6. Due to some tension Maria was unfortunately not placed but still made it to complete a correct test. Skyline had a steady performance and a silver medal with 66,46%. Moreover,together with Eugenia Stika and Queen won the team award in the same class.

Last but not least are my starts with two new horses I have not competed before. I am talking about a beautiful 6 years old stallion named Kannan di Caval that exceed all expectations winning the young horse preliminary test with 75% and just a breath away from it the last day in the final test with 73,2%. The second horse I was competing was Esme,a lovely mare that is a real eye catcher! The first day even my start was not counting, she managed to get a nice 68,55% which was the highest score of the class and 65,45% in the first ever start for her in the B7.

Results detailed :

Congratulations to all athletes, see you next year :)

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