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Givenchy Utopia is the name of our new member. What a name right?!

I can only say pretty words about this mare. She is 11 years old by Florencio x Elcaro and she is currently training all Small Tour movements. Her owner owns her the past 5 years and they did plenty of shows with results a breath away from 70% in M classes in Germany.

She is the type of horse that is always happy, ears forward and ready to do everything for her rider. Brave and comfortable to sit, full package for a joyful ride. Her walk is her highlight, active with nice use of her back and a lot of ground cover that got not less than 8s at the competitions. She has a nice mouth and can be ridden in both snaffle and double bridle with fluency. She enjoys walks in the woods and cuddles. The fifth ever time I sat on her she won the Z2 class giving me a great feeling and I really hope I will have the chance to show her again before she finds her new forever home.

I will keep you posted about this lovely mare I am happy to call ''my'' new obsession

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