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Since 18th of October 2021 FNG Equestrian is officially a company that focuses in dressage horses training and sales

“Are you looking for your next dream horse? Do not hesitate to contact with us. Except our own horses we might have known a horse that fits your criteria.”

Find a stable for your horse

So it is not only about sales. If you have a horse and you are looking for a place that provides both good facilities and training then you should get in touch with us! We can offer you different type of packages.

You will be able to receive weekly video and pictures of your horse.

As the horse's welfare is our priority, we take care that the horses can spend the biggest part of their day in the fields. Moreover the stables are cleaned with new bedding daily and the horses are getting hard feed twice per day and hay three times per day. Also all the needed equipment can be provided by us. That includes all care products, tendon boots, saddle, bridle and blankets.

Every agreement comes with a signed contract from both trainer and owner of the horse and all the documents of each horse have to be given with the delivery of the horse.

All of our prices exclude 21% VAT

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