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An article for everyone helped this website and company happen.


So Angeliki is basically the reason this website exists. I have had the chance to know her over a decade and I was and still am one of her biggest fans. She is passionate, perfectionist, professional and clearly talented. She loves animals and travels and if you put these two together then you have a combination that she wants to capture and create scenes behind her camera. We had the chance to work more together back in 2018 when she visited Segersta in Sweden to help out with some projects. Thankfully , although she lives in Greece, distance was not a reason to stop us from cooperating and creating this website. I owe her a lot and I thank her from my heart!


I first met Corien back in 2019 while I was still working as a flat rider. She is the biggest part of this website for many reasons. One of them is that she took almost all pictures and videos that appear on this website. As you can imagine, I am extremely happy with the result. Moreover, she owns most of the horses that pop up on both section of sale and training horses. Though there are some more horses that hopefully we can present proudly in the future when they will be grown up enough to start training. Her trust and faith was always motivating me and making me want to give my best. I thank her a lot and I wish for a longterm collaboration .


I had the chance to start working with Vassiliki back in 2012. She kept my first ever horse in shape till the age of 23. I always take her opinion about any issue I have with my horses or reading x-rays from my sale horses. Definitely on my future plans is that she takes over the breeding part of my company as we can say that embryo transfer is her thing and I have been always close enough to start breeding without any move done yet.

I am grateful for everyones help to create this company and website

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