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Serafino x Rubinero





When I first saw this mare I thought ''Oh god , again a gray one'' . How am I doing that? In this dressage world when everyone is dreaming of a shiny black stallion I end up with gray horses! It looks like a complain , though it is not. I never let the colour of a horse to take over my opinion about a horse's quality. Anyway I am always saying ''It is gray,it is unique and that's why people memorise it''

She is 6 years old and she has something special. We are talking about a real woman , as long as you find her way she will try her heart out. She has three really good over the average paces and she is elastic. Her highlight is definitely her canter , and her canter-trot transitions. We all know , it is all about power but also about balance and self carriage . It is a green horse but has it all to grow and develop. Last but not least is the fact that she deserves to be described as a bombproof horse. Her character in general is adorable . To sum up Skyline , even though she is green , she has a package with a very nice base to work on. Her owner now is Angeliki Deligianni based in Athens,Greece and I wish them loads of luck <3


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