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Wilson / Cinzandro






exceeds mid 5 figures

Nico is a lovely gelding born in 2018. He is the first horse I own that has some driving blood in and so far I really love the choice. I have to admit that when I first saw him I didn't have the feeling like he will be my next horse but when I actually sat on him he took care to convince me for it. He is a mover, lets admit that. Moreover he has a great character and he is always willing to work. No bad days here. I am gladly share the ownership of him and we are both excited to see what future brings for this super star. In July 2022 we did our first competition debut winning the L1 class with many high marks. Our second ever show found us in the ring of the Pavo Cup selection receiving a total of 73 points placed 17th out of some of the most talented 4 year olds of The Netherlands.


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