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Crescendo x Alexandro P






exceeds mid 5 figures

This young boy is one to watch! He has it all, the power , the presentation , the movements , the talent , the moves , the health and ride ability . Besides all that he is a horse that was very scared and shy when I first got him. He was greener than just green not only with riding, as he was unbroken, but also with the general handling. It took me almost 2 weeks to be able to go in his box and put his head collar on without making him scared. I am happy after months of work he is how he is at the moment. He is able to trust and improves in every ride. I am sure even though he was broken in late that with correct training he will be able to show himself in the ring next year {6 year old classes} . As he is one of the most powerful and talented young horses I ever sat on, he is offered on a higher price range.

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